Top 4 JavaScript Frameworks In 2019

Top 4 JavaScript Frameworks In 2019

Without any doubt, JavaScript's (JS) fame among the developer community has grown hugely over the years. The reason is its ability to enable engineers to design and adjust website pages in numerous ways and even add functionalities to web application development. JavaScript is getting consideration for its simplicity and convenience yet in addition to its efficiency, Security, and cost-effective results.

There are many JavaScript frameworks releasing every day that sometimes it might become difficult to choose for your web developments.  Before you select any of them for your JavaScript web applications, a lot of elements should be considered. Beginning from what are the particular requirements of your project and which is the suitable framework for your project, a ton of things should be considered before settling on a choice.

Here we have listed the best JavaScript frameworks that you must keep an eye on, in 2019:

Angular 5

Angular was one of the original JavaScript frameworks, developed by Google and first released in 2010. Angular web development also requires utilization of a JavaScript language called TypeScript. Despite a portion of its adaptability inadequacies. Once the Angular framework is applied to a project the whole site or application should be based on Angular syntax and its rules. Angular is still a sufficient fixture in the tech business that it remains a strong decision for learning in 2018. Go through the site made with Angular to perceive what you can construct utilizing this framework.

Google Adwords, Adsense, PayPal, Amazon, Upwork, Gmail, JetBlue, Vevo are few examples of Angular 5.

Vue JS

Vue comes as a rising star in the world of JS structures. Vue's popularity can be ascribed to its blend of simplicity and adaptability. As far as its expectation to learn and adapt, Vue utilizes an HTML-based syntax, which implies Vue Js Developers or engineers can utilize HTML to work with Vue's formats as opposed to learning a structure particular language like TypeScript.  However, Vue’s is a feature-rich framework.

React JS

React is another system intended for incremental execution, so like Vue, React js app development services can be applied to your project. The React JS framework is added directly to HTML pages, and from that point, it can either be extended over the whole page or contained to individual JavaScript widgets.  React is an open-source structure which means it's allowed to utilize and the source code is an open general society for altering and adjusting and it has a strong support community. Companies like Facebook, Instagram, New York Times, Whatsapp and Dropbox use React JS.

Node JS

Node is a JavaScript framework that has a tendency to be utilized on a huge scale web application. Organizations like PayPal, Netflix, eBay, and WalMart are among those utilizing Node JS and hire Node JS developers for their online presence. Node's activity impression is more in accordance with frameworks like Vue, React, and Angular

Node’s engine enables JavaScript to work on PCs notwithstanding internet browsers (where JS is usually limited). This gives Node a chance to perform functions that not just keep running on the server side of an application. Node's server-side abilities imply that developers who utilize Node development services can utilize JavaScript for both front end and back end capacities instead of organizing two diverse scripting languages and this quality makes Node JS recognizable in large scale.


Choosing a right-fit JavaScript framework can be confusing. For this purpose, you have to check your project requirements, the functionality of framework, the organization's long terms objectives and how you're planning to apply it in every specific case.