Javascript’s Importance and Comparison with PHP

Javascript’s Importance and Comparison with PHP

Javascript is an important web development language that is used for various functions by companies around the globe. Contrary to server-based languages like PHP, Javascript is actually client-focused and browser-based and thus presents several core advantages that can be used by any company. The predominant reason why companies tend to prefer Javascript for evolutionary web development is that of its simplicity and programming ease. Javascript’s code is heavily influenced by Java but it is much more similar to C itself thus proving a language that can be easily adopted by coders from all backgrounds. Javascript is also less error-prone because of its browser-based nature and all errors are reported on the browser run before any data is sent to the servers.

Companies may prefer to go for a Javascript-based code for their website or app because of these reasons:

1. Ease of Use

Learning Javascript is very easy for programming novices and professionals alike. Just using simple Javascript functions can change the outlook of the website in minutes instead of sending them to the server through PHP functions. No setup is required for the Javascript approach because it comes in default with all standard browsers of today.

2. Universal Application

Javascript can be used to immediate effect on all facets of online interaction including apps, browsers, mobile development, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. While Javascript may compete with other programming languages outside the world of online experience like Java in Android development and Object C in Apple systems, it is undeniably the most used language in online circles. Its limited use outside of online experience is because of its limited nature and that is okay because it is inherently built as an online browser language.

3. Javascript Developers are abundant

Unlike PHP, Javascript’s ready-to-be-used nature, Javascript is most popular with developers these days for instant, effective results. Most of the work done on Javascript is for front-end development on the web which most companies need. If a company decides to select Javascript for web development, it will have plenty of human resource to choose from, that's for sure!

4. Expressive Nature

Javascript is underrated regards to its powerful expressive nature. While some tend to find the language functions as a hindrance but the core developers with Javascript understand how much of an instant effect Javascript can have on a website.

Javascript and PHP

Javascript has an important place in web development today which can be used in tandem with PHP. Its code can be inserted anywhere within the HTML of a webpage and remains fully visible in the source code of the page. It can also be referred to a .JS file in the code which is also accessible on the browser.

PHP and Javascript are both important for an effective web development approach. While PHP takes time and patience, Javascript can be effectively deployed and companies can have instant results that they can see and evaluate. The advantage of a server-less interaction is what makes Javascript so unique and thus extremely important in any web project.

Javascript frameworks are complete application designing tools written in Javascript. The difference between them and regular usage of Javascript libraries is that a particular framework can call Javascript functions on its own in unique ways to help improve the whole web development process.

Javascript Frameworks

So, Javascript frameworks make the job easier, more customizable and more efficient. Latest Javascript trends and updates are incorporated into these frameworks by third parties thus providing healthy choices for the developers. There are various frameworks available online including Ember.js, Vue.js, Backbone.js, Mithril.js, Polymer.js, Node.js, Meteor.js, Aurelia, etc.

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