Top 6 Open Source React Native Apps In 2019

Top 6 Open Source React Native Apps In 2019

React Native:

React native can be define as the framework of JavaScript that is used to create mobile applications for Android and iOS. The components of native app are combined in react native framework from which a developer can make react native mobile apps. React native has a set of ready-to-use components to build mobile apps for both iOS and android. On the other hand, creating user interface, ReactJS is used which is an open source JavaScript library. Facebook has introduced the React Native and React JS with different design interfaces under same design principles. Since the same code is being used for creating react native mobile apps for both android and iOS, there are three things that the developers must know to create a react native mobile app. These are:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JAVA

Importance of React Native Framework

  • It saves the time for development
  • It renders UI for android and iOS programs
  • It is an open source framework which would be compatible with other platforms in the near future
  • It is simple, quick and efficient
  • It is UI Focused
  • Cost reduction

Why React Native?

The primary reason of using this framework is that only one set of code is to be written by the developer and that is JavaScript code.

This framework has been introduced for iOS development at first and later on Facebook has decided to give support for Android Development as well. With this, the popularity and success of the React Native Framework has increased even more as both the platforms are using a single codebase program at the same time. One of the biggest advantages of building mobile application with React Native is “Live Updates”. Developers do not have to go to the app store update cycle; they simply send the updates to the user’s mobile phones. The extensive use of JavaScript makes it easy to do so. With the use of react native, development time has been reduced. As react native is an open source program, it is providing a lot of components to use.

6 Open Source React Native Apps

If you want to write a better code, you must have knowledge about the open source code. It is the best and effective way to understand how the code is to be written.  

Below, I have mentioned the open source react native apps which I follow myself personally.


If you want step-by-step explanation and video screencast of each and every bit, then snowflake would be the best Open Source React Native Apps.


The requirements for using snowflake are as under:

  • For iOS Development, you must need XCode
  • For Android Development, you need Android Studio
  • You may have a newer version of Android SDK or you may use Android SDK 23.0.2 as well
  • Also, you must have a Node 4.x or have a newer version of it
  • Download Genymotion to test the products in a safe and virtual environment
  • Need Android Lollipop 5.0 or the latest version of it


  • This app uses a single code to run on both platforms that are Android and iOS.
  • A user can modify their profile
  • Protected forms
  • Display spinner
  • It displays invalid login parameters
  • This app is unique and it uses Tcomb Form Library to build forms which is extremely easy
  • Validate.js handles the user input and it displays appropriate messages for valid commands given by the users.

React Native NBA App

Wow….! This is a big deal. You can have tons of things from this React native app. Good code structure that follows UI Components implementation in contrast with native.


  • This app provides you with the scores and stats for the completed games and as well as for the games that are in progress but not yet completed
  • It displays full stats of a player about their career and for a season
  • Moreover, the team can have their stats for a season using this app
  • Also, it has conference rankings and league leaders
  • The app shows detailed stat graphs of the game player
  • Features like videos, highlights and comparison of 2 players are coming soon

Hacker News React Native

HackerNews app is designed to create an app that uses the components of React Native framework without going into difficult architectural know-how.


  • This app uses the version 0.20 of React Native
  • If you want to view the source pages, this app provides the feature of Web View
  • You can also use the options of the comments and sub comments
  • It has a pagination (periodically assigned numbers to pages) list view

React Native NW React Calculator

It’s a single codebase calculator for Mac App, Web and Mobile. This app is a blend of ReactJS and React Native program. It also tells us that how to design your codebase to reach its potential.


  • This app needs babel and es6 syntax
  • For iOS and android apps, it uses react native
  • Desktop app and website app uses the react
  • To package the desktop app, it needs NW (Node Webkit) and electron
  • Flux is required for data management
  • Also, grunt is used to develop the builds
  • To bring styles in the build, the app requires CSS-loader
  • Moreover, the development phase uses web pack for hot reloading


  • This app runs on both Android platform and IOS platform
  • The app is able to run as desktop app or website app.

Finance React Native

f you want to learn about how to deal with the Api’s of the third party, then Finance app is a good app for you.


  1. Status Bar
    To control the status bar of this application
  2. App Registry
    Used to run all react native apps
  3. Linking
    It is an interface that is used to allow interaction between both incoming and outgoing app links
  4. Platform
    A module used to detect the platform where the app is running
  5. List View
    Represents vertically flow of data
  6. Style Sheet
    Just like CSS Style sheets
  7. Text
    Supports nesting, styling and touch handling
  8. Refresh Control
    List view or scroll view use this component to refresh functionality
  9. Image
    Display images like static resources, images from local disk, etc.
  10. Text Input
    Input text into the app using a keyboard
  11. Toolbar Android
    Used to wraps the android-only Android Toolbar Widget
  12. View
    Supports layout using flex box, style, accessibility, touch handling
  13. Touchable Highlight
    Use anywhere as button or a link on web. When the button is being pressed by the user, it darkens the view’s background.

Facebook’s F8 Conference App

This is one of the best Open Source React Native Apps created by React Native itself.  You can use this app on your mobile device. If you are using iPhone, then go to the IOS App Store and download this app from there. And, if you are using Android mobile then go to the Google Play Store and download the app.


  • It needs Android Studio for the Android tools and Android SDK
  • IOS simulators and build toolchain needs XCode 8.3+
  • To build this app with Facebook functionality then it needs Facebook SDK (iOS)


  • Facebook has given the facility to clear the history just like deleting cookies or clear the history of a web browser
  • Make your own personalized schedule
  • Enables you to search about the topics of your interests
  • Keynote
  • Session videos
  • Accessible maps