Big Data

Practical Image Classification with Tensorflow

#Technology #Big Data

Solving machine learning problems with numerical and string data is fairly old & a lot of work has been done around it for-example even excel has…

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5 Ways Big Data Services Can Boost Up The Business Value

#Big Data

Big Data is nothing without the professionals who transform innovative technology into striking insights. Today, an ever-increasing number of associations are opening up their ways to…

Ella Brown

Star Schema Example : Data Warehousing techniques

#Technology #Big Data #Data warehouse

The first & the foremost thing in developing a data warehouse is to imagine & implement the schema according to which the ETL jobs will ingest…

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Use IBM Tone Analyzer to automate your sales pipeline

#Technology #Big Data

Sales AutomationSales automation is a process of automating everyday time consuming manual tasks which your sales team perform on a daily basis, goal is always to…

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