Big Data Examples – Practical Use Of Big Data In Modern World

The practical uses of big data are far more beneficial than you can imagine.

Big Data Examples – Practical Use Of Big Data In Modern World

Nowadays, you can find Big Data in every industry. It has its application in banking, health care analytics, manufacturing, marketing, fast food industry, breweries, and even casinos. Big Data examples are scattered everywhere due to their benefits.

With the help of a campaign, backed up by data gathered from Big Data analysis tools, a single marketing campaign can return a hefty profit on investment. The same goes for all other industries.

Best Big Data examples are both in the private and the public sector.

By making use of Big Data Management, industries collect the behavioral pattern of their customers, patients or employees. Using the data and analytics the industry makes itself more effective and appealing to customers.

In this blog, I will give you examples of a few industries that efficiently take the benefits of Big Data.

Examples Of Big Data

Let us start with an example that you can relate to the most.

  1. Making Fast Food Even Faster
    The drive-through of a fast food restaurant including Burger King’s and MacDonald’s was becoming anything but fast.
    These fast food giants solved the problem using Big Data Processing and sped up their service at every walkthrough.
    They achieved this by analyzing the number of people waiting in a drive through. The system automatically changed the specials when there were many customers waiting in line. Items which were easier and faster to make would appear on the screen rather than specials which would take a lot of time to make.
    This simple solution was effective only because of Big Data since it could perfectly analyze the behavior and patterns of the customers and act accordingly.

  2. Making Casino Visits More Amusing
    Casinos record and maintain Big Data databases, using data warehousing techniques, with every piece of information that they can gather on their customers and machines.
    At which time, what game was played the most? Which part of the casino is bringing in the most profits? Which area is used far less than the other? How do customers move around the casino from one machine or table to another?
    The records in the Big Data Database can help casino to optimize the selection of games. Also it will help to know which game customer’s receive the best thus making overall experience more fun for them.

  3. The Magic Bands of Disneyland
    Have you ever been to Disneyland? The magical world gives you a magic band upon your entry. This band gives information about queuing time, times for specific performances, and in general, gives you suggestions based on your preference.
    In the background, there is a lot more going on with the band. The bands are RFID enabled and sensors are strategically placed throughout the site. This, coupled with the data from each ride, enables the administration to gather an insane amount of data for Big Data Processing.
    With the help of resulting insight, they not only enhance their customer experience but also attain valuable information for long term benefits and business strategies.


Big Data now has its uses all over the globe. Companies use it for customer acquisition and retention, as Coca-Cola does. Industries use it to solve advertising problems and gain marketing insights, as Netflix does. Banks employ Big Data for risk management, as UOB Band in Singapore did.

There is no limit to the use of big data. It can help change the way we think about the world in the most amazing way possible.